A fire protection system may never be used in practice. Can I also use it for other purposes, so that I have some “measurable ROI”?

If you have to protect areas, assets or facilities of particular importance, every additional measure and system is worth (especially if it is as cost effective as Meleagros is).

However, if you want to enjoy more functionality and cover multiple needs with a simple system, then Meleagros is a good choice, too. Mobics can implement and design event and object detection algorithms and add them to the software of a Meleagros product in order to cover special needs. Some examples are: human detection, perimeter intrusion detection, vehicle classification and counting, illegal forest activity through audio processing, etc. Mobics researchers have the know-how and experience to work with you and customize the system functionality to your needs. Besides, smoke detection is one of the most challenging tasks in video analytics, so we are ready to work on any other problem!

After all, we hope that you never have a situation which will trigger our system!