Other Services

Mobics offers additional services related to the Meleagros platform.

Custom algorithms for object and event detection with cameras and/or other types of sensors

When the standard functionality of the Meleagros suite of products and services is not enough for a client’s needs, Mobics can extend it appropriately. By being the creator of this platform and having deep knowledge in sensing technologies, Mobics team can design and optimize object and event detection algorithms that can work even in parallel with the standard Meleagros functionality. For such custom applications, more advanced features of the platform can be used such as data integration and fusion from multiple sensor sources. Do not limit your needs to what a system can do. Ask for what you really need!

Coverage studies for surveillance applications with software tools and security experts

Mobics video surveillance team, together with security partners, can design optimal placement plans for surveillance systems (either for fire or other threats). The plans are created and verified with the support of software tools, so that the client can know in advance what the performance (mainly in terms of coverage) of the deployed system will be. Moreover, through such studies it is ensured that the minimum possible equipment will be used, hence decreasing investment costs.

Evacuation plans for specific areas with the aid of safety professionals

Either in combination with the previous service or not, MOBICS security partners can study and design fire evacuation plans for public areas, cities and critical infrastructures. MOBICS collaborates with ex-fire brigade officers in order to design such plans. The proposed plans can be imported as predefined scenarios in the Meleagros Incident Management (MIM) console.

Characterization of fuel type and report on preventive actions by forestry experts

In cases where no expertise is present in the organization interested in assessing fire spreading scenarios, MOBICS can offer a full service. A team of collaborators (forestry experts) can survey a fire-sensitive area and characterize its fuel types. Next, they can run several fire spreading scenarios based on different environmental conditions (wind speeds and directions, etc.) and deliver a report with the key findings and proposed proactive measures.

Forest fire simulations through a Software-as-a-Service model

Meleagros Simulator can provide short- and mid-term predictions for fire evolution in forest areas. Fire brigade training centers, public administration and civil protection agencies can use the service occasionally in order to develop and assess fire prevention plans and take proactive measures. The use of the service requires that users bring their own data (mainly fuel type characterization, geo-morphology of the area in a GIS-compatible format). The fire simulation service is ideal, in terms of cost effectiveness, for fire experts that are acquainted with fire spreading theory and practice but are not willing to invest buying such software. Meleagros Simulator runs in a user-friendly Web interface allowing the users to explore different fire spreading scenarios. You can find more details here.